L. Zuravin Electric was established in August of 2008. Lawrence Zuravin, the owner is a licensed (City of Schenectady) electrician with over 25 years of industrial, commercial and residential experience. Larry received his initial electrical training through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker’s (IBEW), Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. After serving a four year apprenticeship, Larry worked for many local electrical contractors on hundreds of local projects. Larry has also worked for large companies such as General Dynamics, where he worked on nuclear training prototypes for the US Navy. Through his IBEW membership, Larry has also travelled, working on the S.D. Warren Paper plant in Portland, Maine and the Milikin Point power plant in Ithaca, New York. In 1997 Larry left the IBEW to become the Lead Maintenance Technician for Latham Plastics. This job exposed Larry to a fast paced manufacturing facility, where he oversaw the Planned Maintenance and repair for RF welding and industrial cutting and sewing equipment as well as maintaining the physical structure. Larry again travelled for Latham Plastics to other facilities, setting up their maintenance shops and training as well as hiring personnel to maintain the facility and equipment. In August 2007, Larry left Latham Plastics and began to set up L. Zuravin Electric, Professional Electrical Services. In October of 2009, L. Zuravin Electric became a dealer for GENERAC* Generator systems.
*GENERAC is a registered trademark of GENERAC Power Systems, All Rights Reserved